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HEADING OUT! Omnia mea mecum porto / All that is mine I carry with me / Back the end of NOVEMBER! Ciao for now, Cliff

HEADING OUT! Omnia mea mecum porto / All that is mine I carry with me / Back the end of NOVEMBER! Ciao for now, Cliff

One of the greatest of fall poems in any language I know, AUTUMN DAY is also the one poem you might expect most Germans to know by heart…

PHOTO: October Larch, needles falling (Larix occidentalis), the WALLOWA, Northeast Oregon


PHOTO: Dress Rehearsal…

MUSIC: from my 3 Etudes, after D. Scarlatti / scores at || SEE TEXTS (in part) at: || SEE TEXTS (in part) at:

A QUARTET of slightly surreal pieces surrounding a more
than slightly magical world of living plants & sound…

MUSIC: Passagio, for mallet instruments, from my MAGIC BOX project

PHOTO: White Bog Orchid, 1800 m., Eagle Cap Wilderness (Plantanthera dilitata)


WATCHING @DianaSix1 The great Mt Pine Beetle outbreak

"Trees can’t walk.
Trees can’t run.
Trees can’t hide.”


IMAGE: A composite of “fractal bogeys” …


THIS IS A little essay on a big theme, an extreme example of which I confront in my own work each day. Consider this: I love Bach Cantatas. But I generally dislike the cantata texts, especially when Bach drives home the Lutheran message in, for example, the recitatives. I certainly have no problem with the beautiful, resonant sound of the poetry, of the German, but rather, as I say in the essay, my problem is with “the deeper, underlying, metaphysics.”

Metaphysics? Well, let me just say here that I reject all organized religion, including all things Christian. Christian metaphysics, or more especially, what I think of as the “secular Christian” philosophy which so dominates Western culture, a kind of “Christianity Light,’ a Christianity minus ethics and belief, is based on division, sin, debt, guilt, scarcity, and most especially, a vision of personal suffering which can only be transcended by means of a ‘savior,’ or at death. I find these ideas destructive and contradictory, self-decepting blocks to the divine nature of the Universe if ever there were any. And yet, all these ideas underlie the textual imagery of the Bach Cantatas, some of the most spiritual, and most beautiful music of all time.

That’s, of course, a contradiction. And a contradiction is much like a horrible wolftone on an otherwise sonorous cello. Two movements, two resonances, two meanings or energies, if you will, that “speak against’ or ‘fight against’ each other, and, therefore, ultimately break apart and “crack the bell.”

My contention is that these “cracks in the bell” are everywhere in current Western culture. So, if we seriously wish to create a new Art, we need to become aware of them.

[PHOTO: CHURCH on a Native American reservation, MONTANA]

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PHOTO: Cross-country trekking, High Summer, the Alps, Urnerland

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PHOTO: Arinica (Arnica montana) & Butterfly, the Alps

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