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#foto SPRINKLER-flowform & RILKE: The Voices, Title Page [4.3 Mb] mp3

#foto SPRINKLER-flowform & RILKE: The Voices, Title Page [4.3 Mb] mp3

or MUSICIAN reads from a script,
or score, don’t trust them. Why?
Only when the eyes are free,
does the spirit fly

THIS PIECE IS the prelude to a collection of 80 of Rainer Maria Rilke’s best poems, in new English translation. It is dedicated to my two close Swiss friends, Rolf and Christian, who have, on many occasion, both alone, and together, saved me from myself. The score, or text, for this composition, is at my RILKE website:

A tragic/comic footnote: The metallic sound of the header is a field recording at an alpine basecamp of my trusting frying pan, a friend of 30 years or more. A sign of the times, perhaps, you tell me, but in North America, in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve had camps raided and torn up repeatedly. Not by wolves or bears, but by lost, mean-spirited human beings, perhaps a new more ruthless species. Well, my trusty frying pan of the recording has also been stolen. I’ll find them, I swear. How many pure E frying pans can there be in Oregon? Keep your ears open!



Our attempts to control Nature—to build a dam, spray a meadow, manage a forest—are as futile as trying to control a young child riding a bike for the first time by shouting, “Stay upright!” In a landscape littered with the detritus of our failings, why do we not learn the intelligence of Nature’s way of going with the flow of our falls?


The Eagle of Freedom always has two wings: freedom to, and freedom from. My right to own a gun must always be balanced by your right to be free of my gun violence. The eagle only soars above the austere, demanding peaks of democracy, when both its wings are free to find this living balance.


If life is a movement of energy, then habit is energy tied into a knot. A mind caught in habit is like a horse in hobbles. The horse can still rock from side to side, to be sure; but take the hobbles off, and we’ll see its true spirit run free.


The one-eyed pyramid. The cross. The straight-line grid.

All images of subjugation. Of control. Of violent force.

5 MINIATURES: RUNNING JUST 3:33’, these are five “sayings in prose” from my 100 MINIATURES Project. If you’re interested in this way of bring Poetry and Philosophy [and photography] together, go to the slideshow of POSTER PRINTS at

PHOTO: Metolius Water, Central Cascades, Oregon

HEADING OUT! Omnia mea mecum porto / All that is mine I carry with me / Back in 14-16 days! Ciao for now, Cliff

HEADING OUT! Omnia mea mecum porto / All that is mine I carry with me / Back in 14-16 days! Ciao for now, Cliff

JIM-JAM, for sabar (or djembe) orchestra
w/ 3 voices, one MASTER DRUMMER, and two choirs, left & right
master drummer part pdf (color dynamics)
webscore CS | JIM-JAM (page 1 of 17)
score pdf
parts pdf
performance model mp3

RETHINKING RELIGION poster pdf SET of 100 [24Mb]

poster pdf
SET of 100 [24Mb]

FOR SOME UNKNOWN reason I do not wish to explore in depth right now, this poem is the one RILKE poem I always think of when I’m hit with gut feelings about Switzerland. Switzerland is a place with which I have an almost storybook—if sometimes metaphysically troubled—relation. Perhaps it has something to do with what I perceive as the contradiction between the measureless magnificence of the Alps and its indigenous mountain farming culture that I know so well, and the at times so utterly petty and mean-spirited ‘orderliness’ of contemporary Swiss city culture and politics. Whatever the case may be, the RILKE piece makes good protective armor! As does the spring rain on my basecamp tent of the header, and the native Redtail Hawk warning cries at the end.

PHOTO: Mt. Cotradiction, target practice with live rounds, shooting at a glacier [sic], URNERLAND

Test & Photo are at: